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Barre Concept© & Pilates Studio

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness
— Joseph Pilates




People want the same thing - great results. With this method you get improved posture, core-strength and flexiblity through unique stretch and strength techniques.

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Barre Floor

Isometric movements from Barre Concept are adapted for the floor, resulting in a conditioning class for the core, upper body, legs and buttocks, plus specific stretches and mobility work.

Barre Concept

Total body workouts that lift the buttocks, tone the thighs, flatten the abs and sculpt the arms, while protecting the joints. Set to music Barre Concept has a cardiovasular element.

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Small Groups & Private Tuition

Max 12 places for group classes ensuring optimal attention and feedback. Private tuition available in your own home or designated studio: duets, 1-to-1 or groups of 3-5. Perfect for beginners and improving technique. 


Barre Concept & Pilates Schedule


Any class, any time subject to availability.
1 Class £11

Consecutive Class Pass
Great for clients who want to attend the same classes each week. For example, Barre Concept© on Thursdays from 12th January to 2nd March inclusive.

8 consecutive classes, 1 date & time - £66 (represents 2 classes free)

Flexible Class Pass
For clients who want the flexibility of being able to book a class when they want. Valid for 60 days.

6 classes - £55 (represents 1 class free)
12 classes - £99 (represents 3 classes free)

Saturday Double
Any 2 consecutive Saturday classes on the same day - £18

Private Tuition
1-to-1 - £65 per hour
2-to-3 (duet) - £75 per hour
Groups of 4-5 - £100 per hour


Barre Concept© & Barre Floor
Class Time: 20:00-21:00 (30 mins Barre Concept© + 30 mins Barre Floor) 
Level: Superfit/Intermediate
Venue: Bird Studios


Barre Concept©
Time: 10:00-11:00 (1hr)
Level: Fit/Mixed Ability
Venue: Bird Studios

Barre Concept©
Time: 18:45-19:45 (1hr)
Level: Fit/Mixed Ability
Venue: Yellowave Clubhouse

Time: 19:50-21:00 (1hr 10mins)
Level: Superfit/Advanced
Venue: Yellowave Clubhouse


Barre Floor
Time: 18:15-19:15
Level: Fit/Mixed Ability
Venue: St George's Crypt

Barre Concept©
Time: 19:45-20:45 (1hr)
Level: Fit/Beginners (Plus Props)*
Venue: St George's Crypt


Barre Concept©
with bands, small balls, rollers

Time: 10:00-11:00 (1hr)
Level: Fit/Mixed Ability
Venue: Bird Studios

Barre Floor
Time: 12:35-13:25 (1hr)
Level: Beginners
Venue: Bird Studios


Barre Concept©
Conditioning & Balance class
Time: 9:30-10:15 (45 mins)
Level: Fit/Mixed Ability
Venue: New Fit

Barre Floor
Toning class
Time: 10:15-11:00 (45mins)
Level: Fit/Mixed Ability
Venue: New Fit

Strength class with weights
Time: 11:05-11:50 (45mins)
Level: Fit/Intermediate
Venue: New Fit


Fit and Superfit refer to the required level of fitness.
Mixed Ability, Intermediate and Advanced refer to the level of experience with the type of class.

*Beginner's Plus refers to the addition of progressions offered for more experienced students, though the focus is more on technique.

However, these difficulty levels are for general guidance as each class is tailored to the group's needs and abilities.


About Amanda


Amanda using one of the two barres at St George's Church

Amanda is the only certified Barre Concept© instructor in Brighton. She has helped people of all ages to overcome or improve back and other musculoskeletal disorders, ranging from Sciatica and myofascial pain, to shoulder complaints and chronic conditions.

It's really important that clients enjoy a great workout, with safe, effective movements and easy to follow instructions that they can incorporate into a daily routine.

Both the Pilates and Barre Concept routines are challenging yet fun and functional. Whether it is restored function or improved performance you are after, as long as you are prepared to apply regular effort to your routine, these classes will help you achieve great results.




Yellowave - Kemptown

Arguably Brighton's best beach-side studio

299 Madeira Drive BN2 1EN



Bird Studios - Preston Circus

City centre, fully-equipped dance studio

Vantage Point, New England Street BN1 4GW


St George's Crypt - Kemptown

Mirrored studio with two barres

St George's Rd, Brighton BN2 1ED



New Fit

Health and wellness studio

25 York Place, Brighton BN1 4GU



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