People want the same thing - great results. With this method you get improved posture, core-strength and flexibility through unique stretch and strength techniques enhanced with the foam roller and now with the magic circle (resistance ring).

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Isometric movements from Barre Concept are adapted for the floor, resulting in a conditioning class for the core, upper body, legs & buttocks. Use of small props (resistance bands, weights & balls) add variety. Strengthening, mobilising, stabilising, enhancing movement efficiency and the structural balance of your body are in focus. 

Barre Concept

Total body resistance workouts that lift the buttocks, tone the thighs, flatten the abs and sculpt the arms, while protecting the joints. Set to music Barre Concept incorporates isometric contractions for a cardiovascular element.

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Slings Myofascial Training

Pilates & Barre are optimally complemented by the Slings Myofascial method, which is based on the latest findings in research supporting the body-wide inter-connectedness of muscles and fascia. We can identify lines or “slings” that connect us from head to toes and extremities to trunk. Through these findings we are able to train more deliberately & holistically to include the fascia of the body.



You can book classes through Mind Body or Move GB. Through Mind Body you will benefit from the Barre Studio Brighton 10% (BSB 10) package, while Move GB is best for people who want to incorporate classes from other exercise tutors or gym providers into their fitness schedule.

Booking Through Mind Body

Introductory Offer
Your first 3 classes for only £28! (one per client). Valid for 28 days from first use. Represents 1 class free (3 classes for the price of 2).

6 Class 60 Day Saver £66
Any 6 classes, valid for 60 days from first use. Fewer classes than 8 Class 30 Day Saver (below), but valid for longer. Develop techniques and skills progressively week by week and benefit from a discount by attending regularly. Save on each class while retaining the flexibility to book different classes when you want.

8 Class 30 Day Saver £72
Any 8 classes, valid for 30 days from first use. More classes than 6 Class 60 Day Saver (above), but valid for shorter time.

Single Class (drop-in) £14
Handy if you can't come to classes regularly though passes represent roughly 30% to 50% discount

NEW! Pregnancy ‘Barre Bumps’ 3-Class Package £36 (valid for 30 days from first use) OR £14 drop-in



Booking through Mind Body you get the BSB 10 Privilege Package

£5 Off Private Classes

Got a valid 30 or 60 day pass? Get a 60 min private Barre Concept, PIlates or Floor-Barre class for £40 instead of £45. Highly individualised training.

10% Off Partner Class Pass

10% off a 30 or 60 day class pass for partners or family members. You must have a valid pass at the time of purchasing the second.

10% Off Massage

Get 10% off every massage at Brighton Wellbeing Clinic on presentation of a Barre Studio Brighton Privilege card (stamped and dated within one month of the massage booking).

10% Off Nutrition Advice

Heal yourself with naturopathic and functional medicine and nutrition, health screening, food intolerance and deficiency testing. 10% off your initial consultation with Monique at Healthy-U Nutrition.



Move GB

Booking through Move GB won't give you the privileges above but you can incorporate classes from exercise tutors or gym providers other than Barre Studio Brighton. Cost averages around £60 per month. There is a £10 charge (chargeable via the Move GB portal) for missed classes & late cancellations, under 24 hours.

Private Tuition

1-to-1 - BarreConcept, Pilates or Floor-Barre: £48 for 1hr (Or £210 for 6 sessions) held at Studio 11, Open Market (home visits and private groups of 2 or more priced separately upon application.

Massage Offer

Your first massage (60 minutes including consultation) with Barbara at The Brighton Wellbeing Clinic is only £30 (instead of £55) and 10% off thereafter. During the 15 minute consultation, Barbara will determine which combined therapies will best meet your needs (these may include Soft Tissue, Myofascial, Swedish Massage and Hot Stone Therapies). This will follow with a 45 minute integrative massage. Please note: you must present Brighton Wellbeing Clinic £30 Promo flyer at your appointment to receive the £30 offer (these can be obtained from Amanda).

Nutrition Offer

Heal yourself with naturopathic and functional medicine and nutrition, health screening, food intolerance and deficiency testing. Monique works by finding the root causes of health issues, rather than just treating symptoms. This enables her to give the body what it needs so it can repair itself, for longer-lasting health and vitality. Her aim is to RepairStrengthenRestore and Heal your body and Improve your life. For £10 off your first treatment contact Monique Kleinveld:

Terms and Conditions

Passes must be validated within 2  months of purchase and are non-transferable. All classes subject to Terms of use and Privacy Policy. All bookings are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. By providing your details on Mind Body, Class Pass or Move GB you are consenting to our Terms of use and Privacy Policy.


Class Schedule

The pace of classes are rated Deliberate, Moderate or Accelerated as a general guide, but you should do what feels right for your body and ability. Pay attention to the level of the class as well as the pace.


Intended to challenge you by connecting you to the work. The instructor may include more details about the form or movement of an exercise, slow the tempo of an exercise or pause within a class more frequently to explain a concept or movement pattern.


A basic level of competency of the exercises being taught is assumed. There is a greater focus on flow and continuous movement compared to deliberate classes allowing for necessary pauses (for example, if a movement needs clarifying), but limits stopping as much as possible in order to achieve flow in the class.


Designed to challenge precision and control while increasing the heart rate and the level of concentration required. These classes tend to be taught at a higher level but may also be found at lower level classes. With the exception of a few specialty classes, the assumption is that the exercises are familiar to the student.


About Amanda

Amanda using one of the two barres at St George's Church


Amanda is the only certified Barre Concept© instructor in Brighton. Drawing on 9 years teaching experience in Pilates, she has helped people of all ages to overcome or improve back and other musculoskeletal disorders, ranging from Sciatica and myofascial pain, to shoulder complaints and chronic conditions.

It's really important that clients enjoy a great workout, with safe, effective movements and easy to follow instructions that they can incorporate into a daily routine.

Both the Pilates and Barre Concept routines are challenging yet fun and functional. Whether it is restored function or improved performance you are after, as long as you are prepared to apply regular effort to your routine, these classes will help you achieve great results.




Barre Studio Brighton - Open Market

Brighton's only certified Barre Concept studio

Studio 11 Open Market (The Level)

Marshall’s Row, Brighton BN1 4JU


St George's Church - Kemptown

(The Crypt) Mirrored studio with two barres

(Studio 2) Newly refurbished mirrored studio

St George's Rd, Brighton BN2 1ED



B.R.I.C.C.T (formerly Bird Studios) - Preston Circus

City centre, fully-equipped dance studio

Vantage Point, New England Street BN1 4GW


Purple Turtle Wellbeing

Mirrored Studio with Barre

Old Slipper Baths, Barrack Yard, North Road, Brighton East Sussex BN1 1YA
(not the Purple Turtle at King Alfred Leisure Centre, Hove)



The easiest way to book a class is to login to Mind Body via the app or browser. To discuss your individual needs please call Amanda directly on 0794 4008533.

Alternatively, use the form below or email

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'Barre Bumps'

'Barre Bumps' are special Barre Concept classes for pregnant women. The examples below give you flavour of the activities during a class. These classes started in October 2018. Get in touch to book your place.