Class Schedule

The pace of classes are rated Deliberate, Moderate or Accelerated as a general guide, but you should do what feels right for your body and ability. Pay attention to the level of the class as well as the pace.


Intended to challenge you by connecting you to the work. The instructor may include more details about the form or movement of an exercise, slow the tempo of an exercise or pause within a class more frequently to explain a concept or movement pattern.


A basic level of competency of the exercises being taught is assumed. There is a greater focus on flow and continuous movement compared to deliberate classes allowing for necessary pauses (for example, if a movement needs clarifying), but limits stopping as much as possible in order to achieve flow in the class.


Designed to challenge precision and control while increasing the heart rate and the level of concentration required. These classes tend to be taught at a higher level but may also be found at lower level classes. With the exception of a few specialty classes, the assumption is that the exercises are familiar to the student.