Client & Professional Testimonials

Mark (2018)

I did ‘feel’ the class the next day with some aches around the hips, but that wore off fine after a day or so. And I think Amanda was just reminding my joints and muscles what they are supposed to be doing and their purpose in my body!

So, overall? Early days, glad to be part of the group, glad I waited and appreciated Amanda tailoring it for people like me, and looking forward to her skilfulness and patience to make me a better person. Well, I think that’s what the strapline said...?

Anthea (2012)

Over the years I have, among other things, had a vehicle run over my legs, carried exceedingly heavy weights, fallen through a ceiling 9' backwards onto a concrete floor, and knocked myself out after tumbling headlong down a steep staircase. Despite considerable back problems from my youth, I consider myself fortunate to only have arthritis, scoliosis, and a full knee replacement.

However, I was very concerned that I was getting limited mobility, and encountering maneuverability problems with everyday tasks. I therefore knew I needed professional advice and support, but felt certain that I would be unable to do this by joining a group of people in a class.

Having discussed my concerns with my osteopath he told me about Amanda. This has proved to be the perfect solution, as she has worked out which pilates moves are appropriate for my specific problems. Amanda has built up a picture of my specific limitations, and has introduced movements of increasing degrees of difficulty, as I have become more mobile.

Additionally, the importance of the psychological benefits gained cannot be over emphasised. With encouragement to maintain practise in between sessions, and reinforcement during those to ensure that the right method, and process is being carried out.

When I first met Amanda I was struggling to put my car seat belt on. Actions speak louder than words, and I have recently achieved a life time ambition by climbing on top of a twin winged aeroplane, and wing walking. With Amanda 'the sky's the limit'!

Paula (Client since 2013)

Amanda’s classes were recommended to me by my chiropractor for a knee injury that has spanned 2 years and had stopped me doing any exercise at all for 6 months. The classes are challenging however Amanda makes them fun. She pushes your flexibility to another level. My posture and movement have now changed beyond recognition. This summer I trekked the Mont Blanc mountain range totally pain and injury free – I attribute this success to Amanda’s teaching.

I've been attending Amanda's Pilates and more recently BarreConcept classes for over two years and these sessions are now an important part of my regular fitness/general body maintenance regime.

The classes are friendly, yet challenging and Amanda instills a high level of self belief that enables you to set fitness goals that are within your grasp.

Brian Cooper (Client since 2013)

As one of Amanda's early conversions to the BarreConcept classes, I have really found that it has made a great deal of difference to my general levels of core strength and overall flexibility - a recent trip to the Scottish Highlands for a week of snow and ice climbing made that very obvious - 6 days of hard walks/climbs in the snow and ice with no aches or pains whatsoever!

Amy Pease (Chiropractor, Sundial Clinics, 2015)

Because the main emphasis of Pilates is building core strength and improving flexibility, I frequently recommend my patients see Amanda to assist them on their road to recovery. The feedback from my patients has always been very positive, and I often see noticeable improvements in the function of patients attending Amanda's classes regularly when they come in for their check-ups.

I too have tried out Amanda's classes. I found her attention to individual's needs very focused, and her teaching techniques both people friendly and accessible. The content of the classes was diverse enough for those just starting out as well as those wanting more of a challenge, and I felt it covered most of the essentials to a healthy spine. I would recommend Amanda's Pilates classes to anyone looking to improve their posture and core strength, and those wanting to become more robust in their day-to-day physical activities. Personally, I was thrilled with the improvements I saw in my own body from day one of the classes and continue to use a lot of her exercises and stretches in my 'healthy back' routine.